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To leave a positive impact on Mother Nature, you should adhere to the 5R’s, which
are Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and Repair. When you make the 5R’s a part
of your life, you help do your part for the earth by:

• Extending the life of landfills

• Reducing air and water pollution

• Saving energy

• Conserving natural resources

• Encouraging environmental manufacturing

Here’s how you can live the 5R lifestyle.

REDUCE: You can make a difference by reducing your usage of single-serve water bottles. Always bring your own water tumbler. You would have saved approximately 166 disposable plastic water bottles from the landfill a year!
Choose from Tupperware’s wide range of durable drinking containers and pitchers (Thirstquake Tumbler, High Handolier, Beverage Buddy) when you’re on the go or at home. Say NO to coffee in Styrofoam cups. Use the Tupperware commuter mug instead. It keeps your coffee warm, and it’s safer, too!
REFUSE: Do you really need that plastic bag?
Think twice before saying ‘Yes’! Each year, an estimated 500 million to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide, with the majority ending up in landfills. Styrofoam alsohas a devastating impact on the environment.
Use reusable, high-quality eco-friendly cloth grocery bags.This will offset significant environmental harm and eliminate a portion of our waste stream. When dining out, bring a
Tupperware container for leftovers instead of using the restaurant’s plastic or
Styrofoam containers.
RECYCLE: Choose products with recycled content. Most glass containers, aluminum and steel cans are made from recycled material.
What happens to Tupperware products that are returned?

These are sent to a warehouse, where they’re first sorted according to the types of material used and put through a crushing machine that converts them to pallets. These pallets are then sold to factories, who in turn use them to produce finished products like flower pots and gardening tools
REUSE: Make an effort to reuse your containersand products
whenever possible.
It’s easy and safe to reuse with Tupperware!
Our products havebeen tested and proven for
over 50 years and can be reused over and
over again. Backed with a Lifetime Guarantee, it also means you can buy and
use them with confidence.
REPAIR: Whenever possible, repair your home appliancesor products rather than replacing them.
Ensure you have a well-stocked and easily accessible toolbox at home. Make sure it has the basics e.g. hammers, pliers and screwdrivers. Always repair if it involves new appliances. If a home appliance is less than 10 years old, paying for a repair may be a cheaper alternative. Every Little
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