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Kitchen time should be easy and breezy and that’s a passion for us at Tupperware. We created My Smart Kitchen to help you cook good and look good while doing it.

It’s a place to share our food conservation and culinary secrets. It’s life with a zest of lemon and lots of honey. Stop slaving over the kitchen top; get smart and be part of our little kitchen secret revolution!

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We also wanted to give you more value out of My Smart Kitchen so we got you great offers on our most fab products and fun ways to use Tupperwares like you’ve never seen it used before!

Get tips and treats that save you time and money – what more could you want in one site! Enjoy your time here.

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Helping women live confident, fuller lives for over 65 years

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We’ve been helping women live smarter, more fulfilled lives for as long as we can remember. Right when we first introduced our One Touch, airtight seal in 1946, we revolutionised kitchen convenience and we’re still leading the pack today. In the Sixties as women rights progressed, we walked right alongside – housewives became entrepreneurs through our unique Tupperware party sales approach. It was about much more than just making money, it was about women rising up to become independent, economic equals in society.

We’ve achieved because you believed 

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Today, we’re everywhere and in almost every home you can imagine but you know what? We never forget where we started nor how we got here. Your grandma, your mom and you – each of you have helped make the journey with us over all these years, alongside many thousands of women all over the world. Thank you for believing in us.

We’re still all about creating products that become the smartest thing to have in your kitchen. Besides yourself, of course.

We believe in you

See how you can be our next Millionaire!

More than just creating products that simplify life at home, Tupperware is dedicated to helping you live confident lifestyles. Learn more about how you can enjoy a dynamic earning opportunity with us. Believe in yourself. We do.