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Tupperware Universal Cookware Frypan 24cm

Tupperware Universal Cookware Frypan 24cm

The Tupperware Universal Cookware 24cm Frypan Stainless Steel is part of an amazing cookware starter set. It focuses on the essentials to take you from the simplest recipes for everyday cooking into special, more complex dishes that will raise your cooking skills to the next level. 

Designed with smaller kitchens and more organized pantries in mind, the Tupperware Universal Cookware 24cm Frypan Stainless Steel, stored together with the rest of the set, takes up the space of a single piece. Everything nests together and one, single lid covers every pot and pan. 

  • 3-ply construction allies stainless steel, which reaches high temperatures and retains heat, with aluminum that heats fast and distributes heat evenly. 
  • Waterless cookware locks in flavor and nutrients so foods can cook in their own juices. No need to add extra fat! 
  • Glass cover lets you check on cooking without lifting the lid. 
  • Thoughtfully designed lid features a utensil rest built into the handle to keep surfaces clean. 
  • Designed to cook evenly on virtually any stovetop, including ceramic, induction, gas, and electric. 


The ideal size for all your daily recipes. 
It heats up very quickly and the large surface with slightly flared sides provides the ideal surface for searing flat meats, sausages, and stir-frying. 
Creating a surprise breakfast? Scramble some eggs and fry a few veggies in your frypan for the perfect morning pick me up! 

Height: 9.5cm/3.7in    

Diameter: 24cm/9.4in