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Social responsibility

At Tupperware Brands, our aim is to be a positive force in society, empowering women and communities, and providing products and solutions that help protect our planet.


Since the beginning of our time, we have been focused on solutions that minimize waste - whether that be making containers that keep food fresher, longer, helping to minimize food waste; or making long-lasting, durable products that are used time and time again. Recently, we have further developed an environmental sustainability strategy with 34 distinct initiatives that will improve our environmental impact in line with 2025 targets for our key environmental goals that we are publishing for the first time. We are engaging with partners along the way, such as our commitment to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Global Commitment and the use of new circular polymers in our manufacturing.

More than products, however, Tupperware’s business is about changing lives. We are very intentional about providing opportunities for people to make a real impact on themselves and their families. In emerging markets, it literally means being able to put food on the table and shoes on children’s feet; in developed markets it’s more about friendships, having more time to be with family and doing business on your own terms. We know that when one person builds confidence and changes her life, she recruits others, inspires them, builds a network and then a community.

And, of course, it starts at home, where we invest in the engagement, development and wellbeing of our thousands of Associates around the world who are committed to delivering our mission.