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When DuPont chemist Earl Tupper first transformed environmentally-unfriendly petroleum waste by-products into reusable, eco-friendly plastics-like material in the early 1940s, he probably would have had little idea of the revolution he would set in process!


Tupper's vision and his "miracle" products helped shaped the plastics industry and make Tupperware Brands
into what it is today - a global empire with sales exceeding US$2 billion annually and a 2.2 million-strong sales
force. More than that, Tupperware Brands keeps millions of customers satisfied with innovative products and
enhances the lives of thousands more via a unique business opportunity.

Tupperware has gained recognition as among this century's six most extraordinarily-designed products by
Fortune magazine and one of the 20th century's greatest inventions by the Guinness Book of World Records.
The brand has also won prestigious worldwide awards, including numerous Design Excellence, Reddot and
IF Seal awards, and in 2008, was listed No.2 in the Household Products category in Fortune 500's "Most
Admired Companies List".
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Heart of Tupperware Brands
At the heart of Tupperware Brands' history, success, philosophy and products lies our Sustainable Development concept - one that embraces and unites the 3 interlocking pillars of Environmental, Social and Economic concerns.

This concept is reflected in our Sustainability mission statement:

"We understand that what we do today matters tomorrow and our policies, ractices and philosophies support our commitment to social investment, environmental responsibility, quality innovation and the empowerment and education of women and girls."
Corporate Social Responsibility
Tupperware Brands' sustainable economic development provides thousands of individuals a unique business plan. For instance, our 'Get a 2nd Income' plan supplies individuals an extra $500 a month without the need for them to get a second job. The Tupperware Brands Business Opportunity, which provides sustainable earning solutions to women, also acts as a gateway to financial freedom and the opportunity to fulfill dreams.
  Committed towards nurturing and enhancing the quality of life in communities around the world, Tupperware
Brands initiates philanthropic programmes that help others lead sustainable lives. Programmes such as the
Tupperware Brands Children Foundation have donated over US$21 million in the past decade. Our social initiatives in Malaysia include:
  Raising over RM100,000 for the National Kidney Foundation, orphanages and children with special needs
  Raising and donating RM110,000 to help Indonesian victims of the 2005 tsunami
  Raising and donating RM454,840 of victims of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008
  Tupperware Brands' desire to create a sustainable, natural and viable natural environment is
also greatly reflected in our education programmes and products.
  Universiti Sains Malaysia's Kampus Sejahtera Initiative
Our desire for a greener world saw us collaborate with USM to raise environmental awareness.
We supported their "White Coffin" project, which aims to ban the use
of styrofoam containers, by providing 2,700 new students with our
eco-friendly GoFlex! product as an alternative.
Tupperware Brands products provide a sustainable solution to the billions of PET bottles, plastic bags, styrofoam containers
and aluminium foils used and discarded each year, which have a devastating impact on our environment and health.
Our durable solutions, on the other hand, preserve the environment, care for your health and save energy, money and time.
Tupperware Brands products:
  Are reusable and with a life-time warranty, last virtually forever!
  Comply with the strictest environmental and health regulations
  Made from safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials and do not release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents
  Are food-grade safe and certified
Our commitment to the Sustainable Development concept will continue to spearhead our efforts to create a brighter economic, social and environmental future for the next generation.

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