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Let's Reuse and Reduce
Bottle water costs 3,500
times the price of tap water
bottle water
In Malaysia,Singapore and
Brunei 100,000,000 PET
bottles are used every year
85,000,000 PET
bottles end up as garbage.
  Landfills are full of PET
bottle toxic wastes that
leach into the soil.
  This pollutes and
endangers our drinking
manufacture To manufacture 100,000,000PET bottles
1,000,000 of carbon dioxide are produced!
I pledge to save Mother Nature by...
Please make your pledge by clicking one or more options below
  Bringing my own tumbler of water so I don’t buy any bottled water This week's winners
  Take away food in my own container so I reduce the use of plastic packaging
  Refuse plastic bags at supermarkets and shopping outlets
  Other (please state)
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