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What are those Numbers?
Ever wondered what those little numbers enclosed in triangles on the bottom of your plastic bottle or container mean?

The triangle is called the Mobius loop and the numbers from #1 to #7 represent the material used to manufacture the product. This internationally adopted system is called the Material Identification Code and helps recyclers' identify the resin content of plastic products and sort them out accordingly. The numbers do not indicate whether the plastic is safe.

To comply with international standards, Tupperware Brands initiated a systematic approach in 2008 to implement the Material Implementation Code on all new and existing core products.

Here's what the numbers represent:
  These numbers are used to help sort post-consumer plastics for recycling. Different types of plastics are sometimes
referred to as "resins" and the numeric symbols are known as "Resin ID Codes". These codes are not intended to
provide guidance on the safe or appropriate use of any plastic item and should not be used for this purpose.
A triangle without a number within is the International Universal Recycling symbol. It indicates that the product can be recycled. Tupperware plastics are recycled into non-food items like vases, watering cans, container fillers, etc.   Suitable for oven use. Our silicon ware is manufactured from state-of-the-art material that is light, flexible & withstands temperatures ranging from -25°C to 220°C, making it ideal for use in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave & conventional oven.
The fork and glass symbol guarantees the suitability
of using Tupperware products for foodstuffs. It means
that the product has been tested and proven to not
transfer components into food in quantities that can
endanger human health, change food composition in
an unacceptable way or deteriorate its taste & odour.
  Microwave-safe. Tupperware products marked with
this label are microwave-safe. Tupperware uses
material strictly meant for microwave use & adheres
to stringent regulations imposed by worldwide bodies,
including the Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory
(TSCA) in the US, the European Inventory of Existing
Chemical Substances (EINECS) & the Japanese
Inventory (ENCS).
Freezer-resistant. Tupperware's FreezerMate
range is specially designed with round corners and
recessed bottoms to allow air to circulate through
and around stacked containers to allow fast freezing.
  Items marked with this icon are dishwasher-safe.
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