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Attend virtual orientation program to learn more and track your progress for additional rewards.

How to login to TuppNow


  • What is TuppNow?

    TuppNow is the Online New Consultant Onboarding Program that will provide you with the best start and support, be it simply to enjoy our products or looking into building a business with us.

    In TuppNow, you will be able to:

    1. Learn more about various topic and earn points by completing task
    2. Take part in discussion 
    3. See the communities that you are part of
    4. and so much more . . . 
  • How do I sign up for TuppNow?

    All new Consultants who joined from 1 January 2021 will have access to TuppNow. You can access TuppNow via Digital Passport. If you have not registered for Digital Passport, please click here. To find out more about Digital Passport, click here. 

  • What is a task?
    eTuppOnboarding - Task

    A task is a short assignment for you to complete which will help you in either getting to love the products more or in starting your business with us. What more, you will earn points and achievement badges along the way!

    To complete your task, simply follow these Steps :

    1. Select [Tasks] in the main menu
    2. Select a task you would like to complete
    3. Complete it and submit your Task
  • What are achievements and badges?
    TuppOnboarding - Badges

    A badge is an achievement indicating that you have successfully completed a task & earn yourself points. The badges you have achieved are shown in your profile and in the Leaderboards. Bravo, keep it going!

    To see all the available badges, visit the Achievements section. Click on the badge icon to find out how to unlock it

  • How do I earn points?

    You earn points upon completing tasks. Shall you have any inquiries on your accumulated points, please use the [Contact Us] menu indicating a reason for contact.

    Please be reminded that once task has been submitted, no re-submission is allowed.

  • What are communities?

    Communities are groups that you are a part of. When you click the Communities tab on the Home page, you will see that you are in a community with the other participants enrolled for specific learning activities.

  • What are discussions?

    Discussions are created by administration and/or participants to share information on various topics. Be part of it, you might find it very enlightening and helpful.